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Adjustment of the trend in the betting industry

For an experienced punter, the art of wagering on his favorite sport holds its own challenges and excitement. But never wonder what it’s like to be a bookmaker? For the punter who might want to try his hands on the bookmaking, there is now a way to increase his edge in the field of betting […]

The Geniuses in the Black Hall of Fame

Since the beginning of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2003, there have been eleven members all in all who were installed for their outstanding achievements. The father of the card counting, Edward O. Thorp was a mathematician who wrote the first book on blackjack system in 1962. His book hit the dealer was a […]

How Europe Conquered Game

Although there is little written about the game of the fifth through the ninth century, it is known that the Germanic hordes that brought down the Roman Empire played dice; the losers made the slaves of the winners. During the first holy crusades, the game became so prevalent that Richard the Lion-Heart and King Philip […]

Game in Canada

During the past few years, Canada has expanded its gaming industry to increase provincial revenues. The industry has grown with such abandonment that many critics feel the provincial and federal governments have neglected caution because they are caught up in the fabric of easy profits. While this may or may not be so, the gaming […]