Backgammon Variations

Individual Nackgammon players start with four checkers on the opponent’s home board instead of two. The result is a longer game but with more skills as its inspectors can not be easily recovered. Hyper-backgammon regular rules apply to Hyper-backgammon except that each player uses three checkers, located at 1 point, 2 points and 3 opponent points, at the start.

Backgammon also called the misere backgammon, the game is what it is like. Being the last player to carry off is the objective. The games may be boring but eventually they will leave a player without the option but put their inspectors over the other end and sooner or later the game ends. (It’s worth keeping in mind that all backgammon games end, even though players are trying to hold the game while they can.)

Portes similar to the western backgammon except in these cases: Another roll is given to the player who wins the roll of opening that counts as the first spin a point is given to the winner for a single win; two points for a gammon; there is no such thing as a game or a triple backgammon no folding cube is used.

Greek backgammon – Tavli Tavli is derived from the Greek meaning “word board.” Portes, plakoto and fevga are the three popular Greek games of backgammon. These games are played in succession in games of three, five, or seven points.

The players share a single pair of dice. For the initial game, one die is rolled by each player and the highest games of the first number. However, both dice are rolled again by the player who wins the roll of opening that counts while his first spin. The winner of the game of the past plays first in the next game.

Tavli does not offer any bonus point to get a backgammon (triple play). The folding cube is not used.

Tavli is a game that is played very quickly. There is no need to wait for the opponent to grab the hold of the dice – you can proceed to roll the dice while he is on the verge of making his move. But you do not have to roll too fast. You must wait until your opponent has thrown his inspectors in his hand or fingers.

Chouette the game is played by more than three players. The rules and the scoring system are complicated. In summary, two players make a team (one is designated as a captain) and compete with the remaining player referred to as “the box” or “man in the box” and remain as such until he loses in this case the captain of the The prevailing team takes over the control. Queries as to what movement happens to be made between team members, and they strictly adhere to a hierarchy. If he loses a game, the captain moves in the back of the order and takes the other member in line to become captain for the next game.

More backgammon variations will be played and introduced by online backgammon sites as the game becomes more popular.