How Europe Conquered Game

Although there is little written about the game of the fifth through the ninth century, it is known that the Germanic hordes that brought down the Roman Empire played dice; the losers made the slaves of the winners.

During the first holy crusades, the game became so prevalent that Richard the Lion-Heart and King Philip of France decreed that no soldiers below the knight’s rank could not play.

The exceptions were clergymen, knights, and servants of kings; however, they could not lose more than twenty shillings during the course of the day.

The punishment for disobeying the law was severe; those who did it so they were naked stripped and public spanked for a period of three days.

The two kings, of course, could play whenever and for whatever stakes they chose.

The danger, the precursor of craps, was invented during the crusades by the English soldiers who held the Arab castle called Hazard under siege. Variations were made to the game through the next seven hundred years.

The name craps are derived from the name given to a shot of two aces in danger, craps.

The roots of Faro, a very popular game in Europe during the sixteenth and seventeenth century, lie in the German game Lansquenet, a game played by German soldiers around 1400.

In the middle of the seventeenth century or the Pharaoh, it was extremely fashionable in Paris. The spelling of the pH was used because the backs of the French cards had a picture of an Egyptian king in them.

The game was banned by Louis XIV but later retrieved under the rule of the Duke of Orleans who controlled the throne after the death of Louis XIV of 1715. Faro was probably introduced in England by noblemen who shared the exile of Charles II in France.

It became a favorite amusement of the ladies and gentlemen of Charles II courts and were often played for the extraordinarily tall stakes. Faro was ultimately banned by an act of parliament in 1738.

Other popular games in Europe and England after the middle ages were Roulette, Vingt-et-un, Loo, All-Fours, Lotto, casino, Monet, and several poker predecessors.

Roulette originated in Europe but became a favorite of French people, and remains one of the best-known games of gambling casinos.

The game changed from its original version of three zeros in the wheel to a wheel with a yaa time two zeros. The odds are heavy with home.

From the evolution of the game to seemingly “harmless, discrete” card games, there are a lot of rules and regulations and events that have shaped the development of the game in Europe.