Maine Casinos More than just Casinos

The state of Maine has many interesting sites to see the range from historic attractions and state parks. Among the best places to visit is the wonderful Pine Harbor Winter Park and Elk Point State Park, Farnsworth Art Museum, Carousel Music Theater, Rockin Horse Stables, York’s Wild Kingdom and the Cap’N Fish Whale Watch is just a little of the many destinations to look out for.

Mobile and visiting Maine will not be competed without checking out the two casinos in this state. The Hollywood slots and the Penobscot High Stakes Bingo Casino that both offer great play and entertainment for guests to enjoy. Apart from these two casinos, Maine is home to two race facilities namely the Bangor canalization and Scarborough basses.

The Hollywood Slots Casino is located in the city of Bangor and has a variety of 475 slots games to offer gambling guests of this state. It has a newer function which state officials are proud of as this casino adds up to the attraction, income and tourism promotion in Maine. Hollywood Slots great dining experience of their restaurant in place, Miller Casino offers restaurant, which is a consumption all you can American buffet. Visitors are certainly going to enjoy the Hollywood slots Casino game-and-dining concept; it’s one of a kind.

When in the city of the old city, visitors can check out and try their hands on the games offered at the Penobscot High stake Bingo Casino. This casino is owned and operated native American tribes and entree offers the pull-tab that plays besides the usual bingo games. The pull-tab gambling employs the concept of using paper tabs or paper receipts that corresponds to the player’s payout and to exchange it to the casino cashier for cash.

These two casinos are different in every way and can offer two unique styles and appeal to the visiting gambler. It is advisable to try and see both casinos to experience the difference yourself. But they are both great in entertaining and providing the best services to their guests.

Guests who are looking for alternative means of play and enjoyment, can check out two Maine racetracks. The Bangor canalization operates according to the season during the months of May until July. It has very affordable entrance rates and offers great harness travel that will certainly leave you at the edge of your home. Then there are the Scarborough lows that open every day from midday ’till midnight and the whole year round is open. It offers very low entry rates, great harness racing, live racing plus the in-house services of the Scarborough Club.