The Geniuses in the Black Hall of Fame

Since the beginning of the Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2003, there have been eleven members all in all who were installed for their outstanding achievements.

The father of the card counting, Edward O. Thorp was a mathematician who wrote the first book on blackjack system in 1962. His book hit the dealer was a first of its kind since he has written and published by a mathematician . Today’s card account systems are usually derived from the ten account system introduced by Thorp.

Ken Uston was an original inductee of the Black Hall of Fame even after he died (in 1987) years before her. His book entitled The Big Player tells all the secrets of the card that counts teams. Many card counting teams have developed since then after the publication of the book.

Al Francesca is the inventor of the blackjack team game and he was the motivation factor and brains behind Uston and the book, the big player.

The two points of the card system the betting efficiency ie correlation and playing were analyzed by Mathematician Peter Griffin. The theory of blackjack and its other manuscripts were enough to put it in the twenty-one hall of fame.

The blackjack godfather, Stanford Wong, was successful in proving his card counting techniques and he was one of the first to beat the shuffle machines in Las Vegas.

Arnold Snyder was the first to publish the importance of the penetration in the game of blackjack; Now being used by most professional players.

Tommy Hyland had been playing blackjack since college, and for over 25 years his success together with his team while the best in the whole world had made a mark among other players and professional casinos as well.

In 2004, Keith Taft was added to the Hall of Fame. His many inventions of casino-beating gadgets were all featured in a photo album. Taft recognizes his son, Marty, for his help to his projects especially those focusing on blackjack.

Max Rubin wrote the book, The City of Comp that aimed at beating the Vegas Blackjack tables without counting the card bill. In Julian Brown 2005, an IBM computer scientist did an inductee in the Blackjack Hall of Fame with his achievement in creating enhanced blackjack programs: Hi-Opt and Hi-Low Strategies.

Another inductee 2005 is Lorenzo Venera, a card expert who invented a simple, color-coded system to blackjack that understood that even an average player can comply.

The Blackjack Hall of Fame inductee 2006 is the creator of the book, Beyond the Bill, James Grosjean. The book is said to be the bible of professional hole-carders.